Newcastle university International killers

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We write this post to show our dismay at Newcastle Universities recent antics. Flying scientists to Kenya to test on wild caught baboons  circumventing British law to carry out their blood lust.

Brought to public attention by the British union of anti vivisection campaign and exposed in the daily mail  and their very own student news paper  the likes of Professor Stuart Barker have been consistently on the back foot trying to defend their vile actions and finally enough was enough  they very quickly announced that they would be STOPPING their vile unsafe actions.

This campaign maybe won but our fight with Newcastle university is not over  while they carry out tens of thousands of unsafe “medical” experiments we MUST do all we can to keep exposing this vile university for what they are  not a leading university of research but a university that has the blood of thousands on their hands.

Close Newcastle animal lab will once again start taking to the streets to consistently expose this vile university for everything they are. we will be protesting announcing days of action email twitter Facebook email and telephone but most of all  we will be continuing to pressure Newcastle university into shutting down their hell hole labs.


We live in a time where animal experiments are un needed and unjustifiable  its not science its murder plane and simple


Close Newcastle animal lab


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Newcastle University Anything but the truth

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaigner Jonathon Proctor Requested information under the freedom of information act 2000 from Newcastle university about their animal testing and numbers of animal tests carried out inside Newcastle university.

The 1st decision came back as the following:

Thank you for your request for information received on 16 January 2013.

Question: I request to know does your university carry out animal experiments.
Response: Yes, Newcastle University does use animals in research.

I request to know how many animals were used in experiments inside Newcastle University between the 1st of January 2012 and 31st December 2012

We are currently in the process of collating this information for our annual return to the Home Office, but the information is not yet ready. When the return is finalised, these figures will be published on our website on the following page:

This information is therefore exempt from disclosure under section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act, as it is intended for future publication.

We consider that it is reasonable for us to complete this return in line with our planned timetable, and to make the return to the Home Office before publishing the figures.
We anticipate these figures being available shortly after the end of February.

How many animals were held for use in experiments inside Newcastle University between 1st of January 2012 AND the 31st of December 2012 (if this differs from the above).

As you will be aware from your previous request on this same topic (…), the work involved in producing this information would exceed the £450 cost limit set out in the FOI Act and Fees Regulations. We could provide you with a similar explanatory response as last time if you would find this useful.

Question: I request to know what species of animals were used for these experiments.

Response: See our answer to your second question. These figures will include the species of animals.

If you are unhappy with the way we have handled your request you can ask for an internal review.
Details of how to do this can be found at:…

If you are not happy with the outcome of the internal review, you then have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision.
Details of how to do this can be found at:…


Peter Dinsdale
Information Security Officer (Compliance) 

Jonathon then put in an internal review request over the section 22 exemption.
Newcastle University have went to great lengths to hide the publication of information in regards to their animal testing.

Section 22 is only to be used if the university intends to release this information its self we very much doubt this. so appealed the section 22 notice.

So a whitewash internal review was carried out and came back with the following response.

Dear Mr Proctor

I am Newcastle University’s senior officer responsible for conducting reviews relating to Freedom of Information requests, and I have received your formal request for a review of the FOI enquiry you submitted on 16 January 2013 regarding animals used in experiments at Newcastle University during 2012.

In considering this matter, I have taken account of the reply you received from the University’s Information Security Officer, dated 13 February 2013, and your request for review in an email dated 24 February 2013. 

In your email of 24 February you specifically question the response from the Information Security Officer when he said that information on the number of animals used in experiments in 2012 was exempt from disclosure under section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act as the data was currently being prepared for publication. I take the view that his reply was entirely appropriate, as he informed you of both the web address and the timescale for publication of the data. Indeed since your request for review, this information has been published at….

Although you have not been specific about the other parts of the response to your request that you wish to have reviewed, I note that the following questions were not answered on the basis of the time it would take to provide the information: the number of animals “held for use” in experiments during the course of 2012, the Home Office classification for those experiments and whether the animals were used for medical or non-medical research. 

You asked very similar questions in a previous FOI request in 2012, and asked for a review of the response at that time. I conducted that review and provided a full reply to you on 17 April 2012. As far as these particular questions are concerned I am satisfied that the same circumstances pertain now as then, so I will repeat the appropriate section of my 2012 reply below.

There is a clear difference between the availability and accessibility of information on the number and types of animals used in experiments (which have been published), and the number of animals held for use in experiments and the details of experiments. Information on the number and types of animals used in experiments is recorded centrally and used to provide information, as required, to the Home Office. However, there is no central record in the University of the number of animals “held for use in experiments”, as a number are also kept for breeding purposes and or to provide tissue samples. To identify the number held for use in experiments would require the detailed cross-correlation of animal holding records and the lab books of individual project licence holders to establish the purposes for which individual animals or groups of animals were held.

Details of experiments that have been carried out, and information relating to the classification of those experiments, are also recorded in individual researchers’ lab books. In order to provide the information you have asked for in these questions, it would require each project licence holder to examine their lab records and to report on the details of each experiment. It is estimated that around 1,000 individual studies were carried out in the course of the year, and that it would take approximately ten minutes each for them to be checked and reported. A simple calculation indicates that it would take in excess of 166 hours to compile the information you have requested. On this basis,

I am satisfied that the refusal to provide the information, with reference to Section 12(1) of the Act, is valid.

In summary, I have concluded that the reply provided to you by the University’s Information Security Officer was appropriate, and that his reference to Section 22 and Section 12(1) of the Act were fully justified in relation to the information that was not provided. As I have noted above, the information that was not provided due to the Section 22 exemption has since been published and is now available to you.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Connolly
University Librarian

This response was expected by both jonathon and close Newcastle animal lab campaign  and Jon made a written response as follows  and has submitted a case file to the information commissioners office for investigation 

Response sent:

Dear Wayne Connolly,

I make reference to Newcastle Universities Declaration that your
going to be more open over animal testing and the clear hypocracy
your university is impliing by refusing to divulge information to
me that i have requested.

Point 1

Your university has not previously published details of your animal
testing more over you have went to the high court to try stop the
information from coming out.
Under the freedom of information act 2000 i requested the
information last year (that was given) and this year and your
objection to this years results being given are baseless and
without merit.

I therefore AM going to be taking this case to the information

Point 2.
If your university is going to publish details why not comply with
the law and hand it over as if its going to be published on your
website (somehow i doubt you will) but if you are then surely your
just being obstructive to say the least.

3rd point

The link you provided is not valid link

For Reference of your declaration to be more open can be found:

We will continue challenging Newcastle university and will take this all the way to court if Newcastle dose not stop breaking the law.

Get involved with close Newcastle animal lab and join the fight back against Newcastle University

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See you on the streets

Close Newcastle Animal Lab Campaigns Team.


Hiding the truth at Newcastle university

Newcastle University has confirmed it will not hand over information in relation to the animal experiments list 2012-2013 they site section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act and FOI Act and Fees Regulations stating it would cost more than £450 to tell us the species they perform animal experiments on.

We in close Newcastle animal lab campaign refute this as a slimier request made last year yielded the results that we needed and revealed Newcastle university is one of the last 16 primate research facilities.

Close Newcastle Animal lab campaigner Jonathon Proctor Who issued the freedom of information request has appealed the universities decision and has state’s the follow:

Newcastle University clearly has something to hide, A university that wants to be open to the public as Newcastle has previously stated would hand over this information but Newcastle not for the first time seems to be looking for a confrontation.

If it means taking Newcastle university to the information tribunal court then i will.

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign will not back down on this point and we will fully back the call for the information to be released.

Newcastle University is no stranger to controversy after losing a high profile court case to the British Union Of Anti Vivisection (see HERE) and if we need to Close Newcastle Animal Lab and Mr Proctor will seek to take Newcastle university to court to obtain the information we require.

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign will be holding rallies and demonstrations outside the university and their suppliers over the period of this year to oppose vivisection.

We call upon Vice Chancellor Chris Brink to END your universities involvement in unsafe and experimental vivisection and start to fund REAL science, SCIENCE WITHOUT CRUELTY.

Many thanks to All of our supporters.

Over 13 thousand people have signed our petition against Newcastle university.
Please continue to share and tell your friend’s to share our petition to close Newcastle animal lab

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Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign

Join With Close Newcastle Animal Lab

So with the success of our first protest last week (see report HERE) and our petition growing stronger daily we now have decided to do a general update about what the campaign is getting upto.

Our Next protest will be held on the 6/2/2013 at Newcastle university we will meet at 12pm at Kingsgate building of Newcastle University for a rally against the killers

Our Petition is going strong and growing every single day but we need to keep the pressure up so please sign and share our petition:

As part of the campaign we are going to hold a meeting about our plans for the year and so on in the not so distant future. we will keep you updated,

Well our Facebook page now has 1200 people on it  thank you to every single person who likes our Facebook page but again continue to tell your friends and sharing it:

Our twitter account is : feel free to follow it

Please do get involved join with close Newcastle animal laboratory campaign and help us close this hell hole for animals down once and for all

Newcastle Death Labs Protest Report 10/1/2013

On Thursday the 10th of January ten campaigners met at kingsgate building Newcastle university to protest against the universities involvement in animal testing and animal murder and were in for a shock when they got there.

Campaigners arrived at Newcastle universality kignsgate building for 12pm to find the place in total lock down  The main doors were locked and security were manning the main door (really what were they expecting).

Undeterred campaigners decided to stay and rally at the business centre of the university and held out the large banner “Close Newcastle Animal Lab” at  the main lobby window.

Support was immense students and public alike were horrified to find out that the university carried out animal experiments, While campaigners spoke to members of the public and students alike two campaigners kept the pressure up using the megaphones to let the vice chancellor know we are outside and we are not going away.


After just over an hour we decided to move to the animal laboratory.

when we got to the laboratory the main door was open but was manned by a obnoxious female security guard who taunted and laughed when informed what the animal lab gets up to.

Campaigners immediately used the megaphones to tell the passing public and workers that why we are protesting This sparked an immediate reaction.

A lone security guard came out and told a campaigner to move when changed did he have the lawful right to ask him the guard simply smiled went back inside the building and came back out with two more guards.

This set the tone for things  the guards immediately began to push and shove the campaigner with the megaphone barging him half way down the path and directly standing  in front of him, this attracted a crowd to watch and film.

Campaigners undeterred still carried on chanting and talking to the public telling them what goes on inside the hell hole labs of Newcastle university this Angered the university more and the police were called.

The police turned up all most immediately (wonder why this was ) and began to bore activists with unlawful requests and misinforming them so much so that campaigners even called a lawyer to explain the law correctly.

After twenty mins of legal debate going round in round in circles campaigners carried on demonstrating  till along comes a “manager” who asked us to move a few yards back. Really Newcastle university 5 guards and a police officer a manager for a few yards.

So with threats of stupid arrests we complied and moved the few yards the manager asked us to.
We had not been at the new location a few minutes when a woman came charging out a house to tell campaigners to “fuck off” we undeterred just carried on and shouting at the death labs.

This lady retreated back inside and then came out and threw a big bucket of water over us, So we called the police officer (who had beat a hasty retreat into the university) out to come take our complaint. YES you guessed it  He did not come out.
we asked three times for him to come out over the megaphone and going up to the door to ask him to come out.

We then Called the police by phone and carried on demonstrating.  we waited till half three and no police had come out to take our complaint.

We have now in the process of making formal complaints against the police for failure to take our complaints and enforcing civil issues.

We had a fantastic day many people were informed about the death labs belonging to Newcastle university many people took leaflets and lots of people cheered and supported us.

We ask you to join us at the next demonstration
Wednesday the 6th February  at 12 pm at Kingsgate building Newcastle university to do this all again

Facebook event HERE 

No amount of violence or water will deter us

Time to close down the animal lab.

Close Newcastle Animal Lab


Exposed 2013 Newcastle University Animal Killers

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory is a campaign that has been at the heart of exposing and highlighting Newcastle University’s horrendous animal experimentation’s.

Now with the start of the New Year the Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory campaign can reveal Newcastle University has continued to carry out disgusting unneeded animal experiments, but this year campaigners have said enough is enough!

A whole new wave of campaigners are preparing to wage war on Newcastle University because of their barbaric animal experiments that include giving mice vasectomy’s and carrying out controversial primate research.
Newcastle University is one of the last remaining primate research facilities in the UK and we continue to expose the inherent cruelties and dangers of these experiments.

In 2012 we revealed that Newcastle University has carried out 22,216 animal experiments including 57 primate experiments after obtaining large amounts of information though the Freedom of Information Act.

The Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory campaign spokesman, Mr Jonathon Proctor, states; “Vivisection is simply barbaric, cruel and unneeded. Vivisection is nearing an end and Newcastle University should be leading the way of academic excellence without cruelty, but instead it confides us to a Victorian and dangerous scientific model that is vivisection.”

Vivisection is inherently cruel and unsafe; the former scientific executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences has said that, “animal tests and human results agree 5%-25% of the time.”

If we had trusted vivisection then many modern medicines and medical practices such as anesthesia would never have been discovered. The very fact that blood transfusions were delayed by 200 years because of animal experimentation shows that vivisection and animal experimentation is unreliable and slow down progress.

Our new petition has seen a mass amount of people signing and to oppose this cruel practice. Within the first 24 hours of the petition being live we have had over 1000 signatures, with many more to come.

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory
Jonathon Proctor
Spokesman for the campaign.

Leach MC, Klaus K, Miller AL, Scotto di Perrotolo M, Sotocinal SG, et al. (2012) The Assessment of Post-Vasectomy Pain in Mice Using Behaviour and the Mouse Grimace Scale. PLoS ONE 7(4): e35656. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0035656

Claire Allison, Mohammed Shoaib (2013) Nicotine improves performance in an attentional set shifting task in rats, Neuropharmacology 64 (2013) 314e320

Boubker Zaaimi,1 Steve A. Edgley,2 Demetris S. Soteropoulos1 and Stuart N. Baker1 (2012), Changes in descending motor pathway connectivity after corticospinal tract lesion in macaque monkey, Brain 2012: 135; 2277–2289

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Or Alternatively contact us via telephone at : 079 475 69 320

Feel free to sign and share our petition Click HERE to see the petition

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Close Newcastle animal lab campaign

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign Protest

Close Newcastle animal laboratory campaign will be Starting the new year with a bang this year.

On the tenth of November there is plans for a regional demonstration against Newcastle university to highlight the fact Newcastle university is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of animals every single year.

Campaigners will converge on Kingsgate Building Newcastle university to call upon the vice chancellor Professor Chris Brink to shut down the research laboratory of Newcastle university


We Will be meeting at Kingsgate Building Newcastle university at 12.00

Newcastle University,
Newcastle upon tyne

We will have Banners And placards but you are more than welcome to bring your own too.
Close Newcastle Animal Lab Campaign would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year  but please spare a thought for those who are incarcerated inside Newcastle death labs this xmas

So Have a good Christmas and a happy new year and we will see you on the streets.

For the animals


Exciting times March Against Newcastle University 2013

We Are pleased to announce that Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign will once again take to the streets of Newcastle to show Newcastle university that we will NOT be going away

Over the coming months more details will be revealed

When we get speakers confirmed we will announce as and when

When: Saturday 11th May 2013
Where: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Muster point : T B C
Speakers: To Be Confirmed

E-Petitions against animal testing

The following are petitions against vivisection

we ask that you sign them and lets bring a ban to vivisection in the United Kingdom

And against University vivisection


Please take two minutes and sign these petitions


Thank you

Close Newcastle Animal Laboratory Campaign